Rapipay Agent Registration Complete Process | Rapippay Commission List 2021 and service information

Rapipay Agent Registration Complete Process | Rapippay Commission List 2021 and service information

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How to do Rapipay Agent Registration | Rapippay Commission List 2021 & Service Information

Today we know  Rapipay  company  Retailer  How will |  You will get information about what  service  and  commission will be available in this post. Let me tell you  Rapipay is a  very reliable and Reserve Bank of India  RBI  approved company. It is one of the fastest growing companies in a short span of time. Its service is very fast and secure as compared to other company. There  are many services on Rapipay Portal , the main   ones are AEPS , Cash Withdrawal, Balance Enquiry,  Mini Statement,  Money Transfer , Mobile Recharge Detail Result and Bill Payment etc.

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What is Rapipay | About Rapipay fintech pvt ltd

RAPIPAY is  a fintech company. Whose full form is  Rapipay fintech private limited  . Its head office is in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. This company is working since 2009, they got the license of mobile wallet from RBI in 2017 and since then this Fintech field has started working.  Digital payment is done on the Rapipay portal , such as AEPS recharge, DTH recharge, money transfer and services like micro ATM. There are  Distributors  and  Retailers  in this, who work in rural areas and give an attractive commission for every service so that they can provide all the facilities.

Rapipay login 2021| How to Login and Register Rapipay Agent and Distributor

  • Rapipay  is licensed  by RBI
  • So far, close to Rapeepe  more agents than 2 million  are
  • There are more than 1000 crore transactions in a month
  • Rapipay   is part of Capital India Group , a public listed company.


Some important information also read this:-

What service is available in RAPIPAY ?

The main services available in this are as follows.

  • Domestic money transfer ( DMT )
  • Aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS)
  • cash withdrawal
  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini statement
  • mobile recharge
  • DTH recharge
  • Micro ATM
  • Bill Payment
  • MPos
  • Aadhar Pay
  • Rapipay Sathi to Saathi transfer

How to login Rapipay ? How to login Rapipay |

To  do any work in Rapipay Portal , first you have to   login by entering your ID password in Rapipay Agent Portal . To login, click on the link given below  https://agent.rapipay.com/  and enter your  ID  Password  and  Captcha  and click on submit. After  that an OTP will come on your  registered mobile , that OTP will have to be done. Now you are successfully  login  . Now you can do any  transaction,  any work.

Roinet Commission Structure 2021

Documents required to become an agent of Rapipay

Following are  the documents required to become an agent of Rapipay :-

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Signature
  • Live Photo
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • Shop Photo

Rapipay Agent Registration for Free by Referral code

Now any person can become an agent of rapipay sitting at home for free through a referral code . The rapipay company has come up with a new scheme, through which you can register its application sitting at home and after your KYC is approved, you will get the ID password and by logging in you can do all the banking work.


You can also earn money by becoming an agent through a  referral code , in which  the company gives you money between ₹ 50 to ₹ 200 as a bonus . You will get the commission which is the commission of the slab as is being given by the company.

To become an agent of Rapipay, click on the link given below and do your KYC by filling in whatever details are asked:-

  1. URL:  https://agent.rapipay.com/#/dashboard/login
  2. Click on “New RapiPay Agent? Click to Sign Up now." Tab.
  3. Enter valid data in all the fields of Self KYC Form
  4. Enter  Rapipay  Referral code –  20328295
  5. Enter the OTP received
  6. Enter personal details with the KYC document and submit.

rapipay agent registration by referral code

How to Become a Rapipay Saathi | How to Register Distributor and Retailer in Rapipay?

Rapeepe retailer distributor  of  registration  you it to  the official website  will go on | There you have to give your complete details. There you will have to fill up the form, in that form you will be asked for any details such as your  name  , your address, your  mobile number , your email id etc. After that, you will   click on Submit, the complete details will  go  to the team of Rapipay , they will connect you and  register  you for it. Or by filling up the form given below, you will get Distributor and Retailer ID.


How to register to become an agent of RapiPay


Rapipay Contact Us

Mobile:-  9931146679

Email:-  [email protected]

ID Cost:- Free


Rapipay Micro Atm Price

A new service is the service name Rapipay it  MATM  | ATM is a device allowing you to any bank  ATM Card  Balance Inquiry  and  Cash Vidrol  can | Due to which you are given a good commission by the company. If you guys want to take micro atm, you will get it at very low prices and  cash on delivery  is also available for order now call on the number given below

Price:- RS 2200/-

Mobile:- 9931146679

Whatsapp.- https://bit.ly/3qh49la


What is MATM / Micro ATM?

MATM is also known as Micro ATM. Through this micro ATM device, the customer can withdraw money from his account using his debit card. The customer will insert his Debit Card into the RapiPay MATM device available with the Agent, enter the PIN number of his ATM card and the Agent will hand over the hard cash from him. Withdrawals will be credited to the agent's RapiPay wallet instantly

Rapipay Commission Chart for Retailer and Distributor

Following is its commission chart. You will get commission on each service as you can see in this image.

RAPIPAY AEPS Commission Structure 2021

 Tax commission structure in full detail of how much commission the retailer gets for withdrawing money from Aadhar card in Rapipay is given below.

Amount Slab  Commission
Rs.200 –Rs.499 Rs. 0.25
Rs.500 –Rs.999 Rs. 1
Rs.1000 –Rs. 1499 Rs. 2
Rs.1500 –Rs. 1999 Rs. 3
Rs.2000 –Rs. 2999 Rs. 5
Rs.3000 –Rs. 4999 Rs. 7
Rs.5000 –Rs. 699 Rs. 7.50
Rs.7000 –Rs.8999 Rs. 10
Rs.9000 -Rs. 10000 Rs. 7


  • In this, the  distributor  gets a commission of ₹ 1 and ₹ 1.50 paise on each transaction.
  • The master distributor  is mostly paid commission at 40 paise and 50 paise on tech transition.

Download Rapipay Banner Poster Sticker and Brochure

RapiPay Micro ATM Commission List

Rapipay  has just  launched a new  Micro ATM device in which very attractive commission is being given to its retailer, distributor, distributor. The new updated commission list is given below which you can see


Withdrawal Amount Slab Retailer Distributor master distributor
300-499 0.25 0 0
500-999 1 0.20 0.20
1000-1499 2 0.70 0.20
1500-1999 3 0.90 0.30
2000-2499 5 1 0.30
2500-2999 5 1 0.30
3000-4999 6.50 1 0.50
5000-6999 6.50 1 0.50
7000-8999 8.25 1 0.50
9000-10000 9 1.5 0.50


RapiPay Money Transfer Charges And Commission

Rapipay Money 1% transfer charge bites and as a 0.5% commission  | But there are some plans in Rapipay like  Bronze, Diamond, Ruby, in this plan, DMT  charges very little, only 0.3%. You can do this money transfer at very low prices

Slab (in Rupees) Commission Charge
0 – 1000 ₹3.50 ₹10.00
1001 – 5000 0.50% 1%
5000 – 25000 0.50% 1%

Note:-Distributor gets 0.2% commission on money transfer and Master Distributor does not get any commission on DMT.

Digipay Commission List For AEPS And Money Transfer

RapiPay Mobile and DTH Recharge Commission

Mobile Prepaid Recharge

Operator Margin
VI 2%
Jio 2.3%
BSNL 2.25%
airtel 1.3%

DTH Recharge Commission

Operator Margin
Big TV 2.5%
Tata Sky 2.5%
Dish TV 1.8%
Airtel TV 2%

Rapipay BBPS Commission Chart

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) service pay rapipay does not give any commission. For example, you do not get any commission on electricity bill, fastag, gas, water bill etc. This one extra service, it will give more customers to your shop, which will increase the rest of the service income.

RapiPay Bank Settlement Charges

Amount (₹) IMPS Charge (₹) NEFT Charges
1 – 25000 5.00 0.00
25001 – 200000 10.00 0.00
  • There is no charge for bank settlement with Neft in Rapipay
  • An agent can add 10 accounts for bank settlement
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Indo Nepal Transfer Commission and Charges

Through Indo Nepal Transfer, customer can send money to any bank in Nepal. Its  fixed charge is Rs 200  . Rs.49800/- per day limit of customer for sending money

How To Download And Install Morpho RD Service Driver |

Aadharpay Live in Rapipay

Rapipay  a new service goes live is called now  Aadhar Pay  | All retailers will benefit from this service that there are many customers who have a limit from their bank that you will be able to withdraw three or four times a month, in the same situation, after the customer's limit is reached, he can withdraw cash from his account. is unable to But now   even after the limit is full through Aadhar pay , you can withdraw cash from the customer's account. This with a very good service which will facilitate all the retailer and customers

Rapipay Customer Care Number

Phone Number:  +91 120 6366000, 01206366034
Monday to Saturday 9 am to 9 pm
Email:  [email protected]

What is Saathi to Saathi Internetwork and its Charges?

In partner to partner transfer, one agent can transfer money to another agent's wallet. Its  charge is Rs 25 per lakh  . There is no limit in sending money to the agent's partner   , only the charge will be Rs 25 per lakh. .

Rapipay RBL Bank E-KYC

Earlier  Rapipay  's  AEPS  service used to start in just 10 to 15 minutes. But now Rapipay has a tie-up with RBL Bank. After which now your aeps service will be started only after doing RBL Ekyc. Now  a new option of RBL Ekyc has come in Rapipay portal and mobile app,  by clicking from there you can do your EKYC

  • The RBL Ekyc process is live for all new and existing agents to do AEPS transactions.
  • Please  click on the RBL Ekyc option on the Dashboard (App/Web Portal)  and complete the RBL Ekyc process. Please make sure to submit consent OTP at the end of ekyc successfully. Once the eKYC is approved by RBL, the agent will see the AEPS2 option on the dashboard.
  • Agents can start doing AEPS transactions after 4 hours, from the time the ekyc status on CRM is successful.
  • With SBM KYC approved agents, only they will see the option for AEPS 1 transaction (Most existing/old agents whose onboarding date is on 30th May and earlier will get the option for AEPS transactions).
  • Ekyc cases which are rejected by RBL will be treated as manual KYC. CSP form will be uploaded manually on RBL portal along with agent PAN and Aadhar

Rapipay RBL ekyc Frequently Asked Question :

1. In case of ekyc status is The PAN validation is timed out, request you to reinitiate the request after some time. What needs to be done?

This issue comes from NSDL , please try EKYC after some time. In case of PAN validation Fail – Please verify PAN details on CRM once before escalating on email

2. In case of Duplicate Agent id Error, what needs to be done?

This means your Ekyc request is already with RBL and pending, kindly refer to CRM ekyc status.

NOTE:  If the Same Aadhar is used for MD AD and Retailer, At present agent can do ekyc with only one ID (RMN) using his Aadhar details.

3. In the case of CRM Ekyc Status is Blank  – Means Ekyc request is not submitted to RBL and Agent needs to do EKYC again.

In this post I  Rapipay  about the company's full informed detail that you  Rapeepe got to become a retailer and Rapeepe portal you get what SERVICE In how much commission on each Service | I told this to-Z information on you guys in this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it a lot.Thank you


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